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When you need amazing Fulham carpet cleaners you only need to come to us. We can make sure that there is nothing that is left staining your carpet when we are done with it. Our bookings process is simple and easy, and our friendly team are on hand to help you out today. Why not make your life that little bit easier in general, and make sure that your carpets look their best? Call us on 020 3743 9533 now!
Within the SW6 area, we are second to none. We use the most up to date cleaning equipment, to make sure that no stains are left on your carpet. We have a long history or customers who want to use us again and again, because they are so happy with the results that we give them. If you are in need of excellent carpet cleaning then you should get in touch with us, because we have the experience to do the job right.

Carpet Cleaners in Fulham

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Our carpet cleaners are well trained in all areas of cleaning your carpets and rugs, no matter what kind, and no matter what state they are in!
When it comes to cleaning your carpets in the SW6 Fulham, we know how to get the job done. We use various methods, depending on what you need. There is steam cleaning, otherwise known as hot water extraction, which is perfect or various types of carpet and heavy staining. We also use dry carpet cleaning, which uses solvents. Either way that you choose, or we recommend is best to go, you will be left with spotless floors after our carpet cleaning in Fulham. Why don’t you try us out? We can give you amazing deals on all of our specialist cleaning services. You only need to call on 020 3743 9533 to find out more information or to book in your carpet clean today!

Why Our Carpet Cleaning Services are among the best in Fulham, SW6 area?


fulham cleaning furniture sw6When we approach a job in the Fulham, SW6, we know that not all carpets are the same. Some are made from different materials, some will have had different treatments put on them. Our specialist carpet cleaning   technicians can make sure that they know what kind of carpet you have before getting to work. This will remove any chance that there may have been of damaging your carpet. They can also ensure that there is no chance that any dirt will be left behind. Over time, dirt will be trodden into the pile of the carpet, and the result is that the colours in the fibers are not allowed to shine out as they are blocked from the light. Having our professional cleaners in SW6 come round will mean that true colour of the pile will come through nicely. We are getting busier and busier as people book our Fulham carpet cleaners for the coming months, so we recommend that you get in touch with right away! There can be nothing worse than finding that you have left it all a bit too late, and are stuck without the slot that you wanted.

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You may not have realised, but carpet cleaning can sometimes use chemicals that are not exactly great for the environment. You will most likely find that the cleaning companies that we compete with are not nearly as environmentally friendly as we are when it comes to the types of solvents that they use. We tend to use naturally occurring chemicals, rather than harsh solvents in our processes. E Carpet Cleaners can guarantee that all cleaning products will have been evaporated by the time we are done, so you won’t be left with a smelly carpet afterwards! Call 020 3743 9533 today to find out more and we can tell you all of the technical details of how these things work. You will also find that getting in touch immediately may well open you up to some excellent offers, including discounts on multiple cleaning services if bought at the same time. So you should certainly take advantage of them when they are around!

Why Should You Come to Carpet Cleaning Company in Fulham, SW6 today?


dry cleaning carpet sw6

We often find that our Fulham area clients are not actually aware of the dangers that can lie in the carpet. When we are doing your Carpet cleaning we are not only making it look its best, but we are also making sure that there is no chance that any of the millions of bacteria, mold and allergen particles live on. These sorts of things can cause respiratory upset, as well as potentially cause allergies, and upsetting existing ones. We use high temperatures in our hot water treatments, to kill all bacteria. The cleaning products that we use are gentle on the skin, but will still get rid of all harmful agents that may be in your carpet! You can always rely on our carpet cleaners in Fulham, SW6 to make sure that your home is both looking it’s best, and a healthy place to live with your family! Whether you are sold and you want to proceed with booking us in, or you need more information on any of the cleaning services that we provide, you should give us a call today on 020 3743 9533.

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Fulham is an area in the south west of London. It is in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The area lies within the post code regions of SW6 and SW10. The area is neighbored by Chelsea, Hammersmith, Battersea and Kensington. Some of these areas are extremely popular and well to do, which means that the Fulham area has benefitted from the wealth within the region. There are two football clubs within the area, Chelsea and Fulham FC. The region is accessed by tube to Fulham Broadway, which is in the District line. The area hosts many antiques shops, and upmarket living, eating and drinking establishments.


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Faultless cleaning service in Fulham SW6. Compared to a previous firm I used (who shall remain nameless), E Carpet Cleaners didn't let me down. Marvellous.