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What is Lurking in Your Dirty Carpet

Your carpet filters the air in your home so dirty carpets can have a serious impact on your health.

Your dirty carpet is home to:

•    Dust Mites
•    Pollen
•    Mould Spores
•    Dead Insects
•    Pet Hair & Skin / Dander
•    Pesticides
•    Grease
•    Embedded Dirt
•    Bacteria

Did you know that...?

-your carpet is 4 000 times dirtier than your toilet seat
-70% of people move furniture around to hide a stain on their carpet
-around 2000 dust mites can thrive in 1 ounce of carpet dust
-indoor air contains around a million microscopic particles in 1 cubic inch of air

When was the last time you deep cleaned your carpet?

40% of Londoners admit that they have never cleaned their carpet professionally

How often should you clean your carpet?

It is recommended that you clean your carpet professionally every six months.

If you have pets or suffer allergies it is best to have it professionally cleaned every 3 months.

What about regular vacuuming?

Regular vacuuming removes the dust from the surface of your carpet. Vacuuming does not eliminate harmful bacteria or germs that breed in the carpet fibres.

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning

•    It improves indoor air quality and ensures that you live in a healthy home environment
•    It prolongs the lifespan of your carpet
•    It makes your home look cleaner and brighter
•    It removes germs and bacteria that lurk deep into your carpet fibres
•    It eliminates bad odours and removes stains